Appshark Connect : FAQs

1. What Salesforce editions and QuickBooks versions are supported by AppShark Connect?

We are compatible with all major versions of Salesforce like Unlimited, Enterprise and Non-Profit editions. On the QuickBooks end, we support QuickBooks 2008 and later US versions, QuickBooks 2008 UK and Canada and later versions.

2. What are the system requirements for QuickBooks Online - AppShark Connect?

QuickBooks Online- AppShark Connect System Requirements : Internet connection required (high-speed connection recommended)

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6.1 Also accessible via Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS 7

3.What are the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop -AppShark Connect?

Following are the requirements for AppShark Connect to sync with QuickBooks desktop

For Windows server:

        1. Windows 7 or higher Version for QBD- AppShark Connect Installation

        2. Dotnet framework 4.6.1 or above

4. Is this AppShark Connect Bi-Directional?

Yes, and you also have the flexibility to make it uni-directional if you choose.

5.Can AppShark Connect support Product Hierarchy?

Yes, AppShark Connect supports product hierarchy within as available in QuickBooks.

6. What are the Salesforce objects that are supported to Install Package?

Package Supports both Standard and Custom Objects.

7. How to Install Package?

Follow the steps given in the Installation Document.

8.Can I have more than one company file?

Yes AppShark Connect supports multi QB company files. We can configure the feature in package

9.What to do when we get an “Access Token Expired/ Connection Expired” error?

Reauthorize the AppShark Connect app with Quickbooks online.

10.Can we change the connector type once chosen?

No we cannot change the connector type once chosen.

11.What to do if I have selected the wrong connector type?

Please get in touch with AppShark customer support.

12.Why am I not receiving Invoice email alert on due date?

Please check the email addresses in and verify the custom settings. If the error is not resolved please contact Appshark customer support.

13.Can it get back my deleted SyncLog records?

No you cannot get back the deleted records. If you do not want to delete SyncLog records please stop “delete older logs scheduler” in scheduled jobs.

14.What should I do when I get an error message record in SyncLog?

Open the record specified against that SyncLog record and update that record with the missing parameters and it will automatically sync the record. If the issue persists please contact Appshark customer support.

15. Can I download a copy of my data?

QuickBooks online allows you to export the following lists to MS Excel with one click

Chart of accounts

  • Customers and suppliers

  • Products and services

  • Employees

You can also export any QuickBooks Online report to MS Excel.