Appshark Connect : Product Features

Supports Lightning Ready Components :

Appshark Connect is not limited to the Salesforce Classic, but also supports the latest Lightning components.

Configurable Sync Options

Our Sync process supports both “Quick books to Salesforce” and “Salesforce to Quick books” data sync. You can either choose the sync process to be in single direction or bi-direction.

Any to Any Mapping

We never restrict our users to sync between only certain objects. Our application provides any to any mapping, where any sales force object can be synced to any quick books object, irrespective of the fact whether it is a standard or a custom object.

Mapping Tool

For the records to be synced we need mappings. To achieve this we have the best in class Mapping Tool which can be used to create mappings between any to any objects. It is you who will be in complete control of the sync process.

Multiple Company Files Sync

If you have more than one accounting company associated with your account on quickbooks. Our application can seamlessly integrate data between all the companies using the single sync process.

Schedule based Sync

The Appshark Connect application syncs the records between quickbooks to salesforce and vice-versa using an automated process.You just need to start the sync process once and then our application will take care of the synchronization. The schedules can be changed according to your convenience. Our schedule timings range from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Email Notifications on Invoice Overdue

When you enable the option to receive email alerts on Invoice Overdue. Our application will automatically send you the invoice details due on payment.

Supports Standard and Custom Objects

Our robustly built application supports both Standard and Custom objects in salesforce.

Manual Sync

Limited only to quickbooks online where you can Manually sync a record to quickbooks with a single click.

Record Sync

You can always verify the status of your records sync in the SyncLog tab where the status of each record along with its record Id and the direction are mentioned.

Email Notifications on Error

The best part of our application is that you will never be in a dilemma if your record in salesforce is properly synced to quickbooks. Whenever you encounter any error in the sync process and email is sent to your mail instantly. In case of an error you can know the error description from ErrorLogs so that we can be at your help.

How to use the application?

For a complete guide on how to use the Appshark Connect Click here.

Need product support or looking for something else?

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