Bank Connect: FAQ's

  1. What does Bank Connect App do?

Bank Connect fetches Bank Accounts of Financial institutions with current and available balance, name of the user’s bank account, transaction pending status, transaction date, transaction amount, geo-coordinates of transaction location, transaction categorization, and a statistical confidence score for category and location, etc.,

  1. What are Bank Link, Bank Account, Bank Transaction objects?

Bank Link object stores Financial Institution Details.

Bank Account object stores multiple Bank Accounts related to your financial institution.

Bank Transaction object stores Bank transactions related to all the Bank accounts under your financial institution.

  1. How to install the Bank Connect in salesforce?

Follow the step by step guidelines given in Configuration Guide under Install Instructions.

  1. How to set up Bank Connect in Salesforce after installation?

After installation, the next steps to be followed are explained in the Configuration Guide under Setup Instructions.

  1. How many Bank Links can be inserted?

Bank Connect package allows up to 1 Bank Link per org for a free user. Number of Bank Link records for users who have purchased the subscription will vary based on the premium package purchased. If you would like to purchase a premium package, contact

  1. How many Bank Accounts can be inserted?

Bank Connect Package allows up to 3 Bank Accounts per institution(Bank Link). If you would like to insert more Bank Accounts, purchase the Back Connect for premium package. If you would like to purchase a premium package, contact

  1. I am using a trial package. After purchasing a subscription what should I do to increase Bank Link and Bank Accounts?

AppShark team will contact you after your purchase to increase the limit of Bank Link and Bank Account. Bank Connect specialists will contact you and do the changes accordingly.

  1. What type of Bank Accounts can be fetched through Bank Connect?

Bank Connect retrieves Depository(Checking or savings accounts), Credit.

  1. How long does it take to fetch transactions for a Bank Link ??

It takes 5 to 300 seconds to fetch the transactions. Depends on the number of transactions getting fetched.

  1. I am unable to see the Bank Accounts and Bank Transaction for my Bank Link even after waiting for 300 seconds?

In the Bank Link object, click the Refresh Link button which will fetch transactions of the past 30 days. The number of refresh days can be reset. Follow the Step 6 of Setup Instructions. If you are still unable to fetch Bank Accounts and Bank Transactions, contact Support.

  1. How often does the transaction sync happen?

By default Bank Connect sync transactions every day at 12 pm. The sync time of day can be configured according to users’ wish. Follow the Step 6 of Setup Instructions.

  1. How much does Bank Connect cost?

The Bank Connect package is free. For more details regarding premium packages please Contact AppShark support.

  1. Does Bank Connect support business bank accounts?

Yes, Bank Connect supports both consumer and business bank accounts.

  1. Can we delete a Bank Link?

Yes, in the Bank Link object click on the Unlink Bank button and then click the Delete button to delete the record. Deleting the Bank Link record will in turn delete Bank Accounts and Bank Transaction related to that Bank Link.

  1. Can we make payments through Bank Connect?

No. Bank Connect app is used to fetch transactions only.

  1. Getting an error when adding Financial Institution “Too many attempts”!

Troubleshooting Steps.

  • Log into your financial institution to check if your account is locked. Retry entering credentials.

Note: The Institution may lock a user out of their account after 3-5 repeated attempts, resulting in an ITEM_LOCKED error.

  • The user should check their bank website for special settings to allow access for third-party apps, such as a "third party application password" or "allow third party access" setting.

  1. What is Error Logs?

Error Log object is used to store critical errors that are encountered by Bank Connect while in operation. Email AppShark support with Message and Request Body of an error to resolve the issue.