Bank Connect :Product Features

Bank Connect helps financial institutions, fintech companies, and other businesses integrate Plaid Exchange with their Salesforce CRM.

Bank Connect Salesforce integration allows banking and financial organizations to get end-to-end operational visibility, drive productivity, minimize data duplication, and harness their data. It offers many key features including-

Bank Connect as an App in Salesforce

Bank Connect will be installed in Salesforce as an App to make it more feasible for users.

Easily Connect to Financial Institution

Easily Connect a Financial Institution using Bank Connect. Bank Connect uses Plaid to link your Bank.

Get Transactions on demand

Get Transaction on demand with single click.

Related Accounts and Transactions

See all Bank Accounts and respective Transactions of a Bank Link with fewer clicks.

How to use the application?

For a complete guide on how to use Bank Connect Click here.

Need product support or looking for something else?

Please submit a support request on the Contact Us page, a product specialist will get in touch with you.