OneView Connect: FAQs

1.Can I track past locations?

Yes. The tool tracks upto 4 past locations of the equipment.

2.How recent will the location history be?

The location history can be as old as 5 minutes or more depending on the time-frequency set during configuration. This frequency can be modified at any given time by updating the app custom settings.

3.How many historical locations can be saved?

Currently the system stores upto 4 historical locations per equipment. When a new location is added the oldest location history record is removed from salesforce.

4.How many equipments can I see in one go?

There is no limit to the number of equipment visible on the map.

5.Does it support live tracking?

Currently, the tool doesn’t support live tracking. The time-frequency for callouts can however, be set to 5 minutes which will retrieve the latest location of the equipment.

6.Will I get notification when my equipment arrives or leaves?

Currently no automatic notification system is available as part of the package.

7.Do I need a OneView account to use this?

Yes. Currently, the tool supports geolocation through Pedigree OneView. Please contact Appshark Support for any customization of the tool.

8.Can I add the map to communities?

Yes. The map component can be added to the community page layout as well.

9.Can I decide which equipment to track?

Yes. Using a checkbox you can decide which equipment you want to track and which you don’t.

10.Can I customize the view and the filters?

Please contact Appshark Support for any customization of the tool.