Open SMS Pro: Product Features

Open SMS Pro has the following features. Click on the feature heading below to see instructions on how to use that feature.

Bulk SMS is basically sending a message to more than one recipient. In this case, Contacts.

This document gives you an overview of how to send a message to multiple Leads.

Run a SMS/Text Campaign using the Salesforce Campaign object.

Here you will find instructions on how to send a message to a single Contact.

This document shows you how to send a message to an individual Lead.

Learn how to "Chat" using SMS with a Lead. You will be using Salesforce interface to send your messages, the recipient will read/respond using their mobile device.

No need to type ad-hoc messages. Create SMS Templates and use them for Single or Bulk SMS campaigns.

Use this feature to schedule messages to be sent at a future date. You can schedule messages to be sent to the Lead, Contact, Campaign or any Custom Object.

Instructions on how to configure auto-reply setting of Open SMS pro.

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