1 What are the Salesforce editions supported by POS?

Enterprise, Professional, UnLimited, Performance & developer

2. Is Accounting seed mandatory to be installed?

Yes, Accounting seed is mandatory to be installed

3. What are the Accounting seed versions which need to be installed or the versions that are supported by POS?

Currently below are the Accounting seed versions that are supported by POS

  1. HIBISCUS - Prior Releases

Financial Suite - Hibiscus (3.49.7)

  1. ERP - Hibiscus (3.24) - NOTE: Requires Financial Suite Release Hibiscus

4. What Type and size of customer is Appshark POS suitable for?

We support all type of businesses irrespective of size( Retail, Commercial, Lite Commercial)

5. What are the Gateways that are supported?

Currently we are supporting Authorized.net

6. Are you supporting Refunds?

Yes, when any product is returned a Refund is initiated automatically.

7. Are you handling the warehouse & Store information or data related to stock?

Yes, we can search the availability of particular products in the desired store or Warehouse & we even support transferring the stock present in one warehouse to another warehouse and track the total stock details in the warehouse or store.

8. Can you track the status of the order?

Yes, we are tracking the status of the order in 4 stages

1. Orders to be delivered

2. In-Transit Orders

3. Delivered Orders

4. Closed Orders

9. What are the Payment methods that are supported?

Cash, cheque, Gift card, Master card, Credit

10. What types of transactions are supported?

POS can be used to handle Cash and Carry, Sales Orders (shipped or in-store pickup), returns and voids.

11. How secure is Appshark POS?

The Appshark POS is a completely secure app where all the sensitive data is completely secured. Credit card information is completely tokenized by the gateways we support and never stored locally or on a server.