Yealink Autodialer : FAQS

  1. How many users can use the Yealink Autodialer App on one desktop?

1 User. This application is designed for 1 user/ 1 salesforce instance per desktop.

  1. Every user using SFDC Yealink Autodialer App should be given access to Connected App in Salesforce?

Yes, every user who will be using Yealink Autodialer should have access to the Connected App. Permission must be given either to the entire Profile of Users or to specific Users through Permission Set.

  1. Should Salesforce Token be generated every time the application has to be used? Is it the same for all users?

No, Salesforce Token should be generated only once during installation and setup.

Salesforce Token is unique for every user. Salesforce Consumer Secret and Consumer key is the same for the entire Org.

  1. How to install the application on desktop?

Follow the guidelines given in Installation Instructions.

  1. What are the things to be done in Salesforce and on the desktop to run the application successfully?

After installation, the next steps to be followed are explained in the Setup Instruction guidelines.

  1. Does the application support Auto Dialing?

Yes. Auto Dialing works only if it is enabled. Check the check-box in the application to enable the Auto Dialing feature. For this feature to be enabled, there should be at least one call made(by clicking the Call Phone or Call Mobile) and then the Hang Up button must be clicked. Only when the Hang Up button clicked for once, you will be able to enable the Auto Dialer feature.

  1. Can the Auto Dialing time be changed?

Yes. The default time for auto-dialing between the records is 5 seconds which can be changed according to the users’ wish. Uncheck the Auto Dialer checkbox, change the time of your wish and recheck the Auto Dialer checkbox.

  1. Where are the call logs stored?

In the C drive of your desktop there is a folder with the name yealinkSFDClog which contains all the call logs C:\yealinkSFDClog.

  1. Where is the User Configuration file located?

In C:\Users\USERNAME\YealinkSFDCDialerUserConfig.xml.

  1. The application freezes at Login screen even after entering the correct Salesforce Login Username and Salesforce Login password. What is the problem?

By default, Salesforce will expire your password every 90 days. Login to Salesforce in your browser, change your password and open the Yealink SFDC Dialer app and enter the new password to open the application successfully.

  1. Even though I am entering the correct Salesforce Login Username and Salesforce Login Password, I am getting an error to “Enter Correct Username and Password”.

You might have entered incorrect Salesforce Consumer Key or Salesforce Consumer Secret or Salesforce Login Token.

To check if you have entered the correct Salesforce Consumer Secret and Salesforce Consumer Key, go to the drive where you have installed the Yealink App YourDrive/FolderOftheApp and open YealinkSFDCDialerConfig.xml file using Notepad++ software. In the tag <sfdc> check for the values of sfdcConsumerKey and sfdcConsumerSecret which are the values of Salesforce Consumer Key and Salesforce Consumer Secret respectively you entered during setup. Compare those with values in Salesforce Connected App and change the values if they are incorrect and Save it.=

If Salesforce Consumer Key and Salesforce Consumer Secret are correct and still facing the same issue, now check for Salesforce Login Token which you can see in a different file. Go to C:\Users\USERNAME and open YealinkSFDCDialerUserConfig.xml file using Notepad++ software. In the tag <login> check for the value of sfdc_token which is the value of Salesforce Login Token you entered during setup. Compare the value with the Salesforce Token value you received in your Email after creating the Connected App in Salesforce and change the value if it is incorrect and Save it.

If all the 3 values along with Salesforce Login Username and Salesforce Login Password are correct, you will be able to login successfully.

  1. I have logged into the Yealink Autodialer application, created a new list view in Salesforce and unable to see the new Lead List view in the application.

Logout of the Yealink Dialer APplication and login back to see the newly created Lead List view in the application.