Getting Started

Before getting started...

    • Open SMS Pro does NOT provide SMS services, you will need to sign up with an SMS gateway in order to use the SMS features of Open SMS Pro.

    • The following SMS gateways are currently supported:

      • Twilio - Ideal for US-based companies, sending SMS/Texts to recipients in North America.

      • Nexmo - Ideal for Multi-national companies, sending SMS/Texts to recipients worldwide.

    • Once you select a gateway that fits your needs, you need to sign up for service with them

      • Based on your SMS volume, you have to decide whether to use a local number, a toll-free number or a Short code. Please setup a consultation with a pre-sales engineer to guide you through this process.

Step 1. Consultation

Request a Consultation by completing the form with accurate responses. Our consultants will only respond to complete submissions with contact and company details.

Step 2. Install

Download and install the Open SMS Pro package from Salesforce appexchange.

Step 3. Configuration

Depending on the gateway you chose, click on the setup & configuration instructions document below:

Step 4. Do some exercises

Follow the instructions/documents in the Product Features section and try various use cases.

Looking for something else?

Please visit the support forum or submit a support request on the Contact Us page.